Hoe wordt dat gestimuleerd: toepasbare groeideterminanten


  • Geplande bronnen van groei
  1. Rationale:
    1. Sales growth can come from the following three sources: (i) new products/services, (ii) new customers and (iii) selling more existing products to existing customers.
    2. A specification of where sales growth should come from results in greater goal clarity. Greater clarity of goals in turn motivates employees and increases the likelihood of goals being reached.
  2. Suggested points for debate:
    1. Where should the planned sales growth come from?
    2. How do your employees know where growth has to come from?
  • Taak prioriteiten van de CEO

All companies in our study consider staff motivation a top priority. Our findings show that the CEOs of Gazelles are better equipped in for ‘what comes to be’, and have a clearer picture of the ‘importance of his or her role in making it happen’ (Sarasvathy, 2004: 529). They practise what they preach and make more effort to motivate the workforce. Therefore, P7 and P8 indicate that employee motivation respectively opportunity to perform mediate the relation between CEO task priorities and firm growth.

  • Business Model
  1. Rationale: Business models describe, in terms of the market, what opportunities are being seized. A solid understanding of precisely which opportunity is seized and in what manner leads to employees being better positioned to take daily decisions and to act on promising opportunities.
  2. Suggested discussion points:
    1. What is your company business model, described in two sentences?
    2. How can you make sure that your employees are able to explain to each other how the company makes its money?
  • Bedrijfsklimaat
  1. Rationale:
    1. Company climate, described as ‘what happens around here’, directly influences employee motivation.
  2. Suggested discussion points:
    1. How would you (as your company’s CEO) describe the actual company climate?
    2. When you discuss your views on the actual climate with employees, what would change in the description, if anything?
  • Motivatie instrumenten
  1. Rationale:
    1. Motivation instruments lead to achieving high growth via employee motivation.
  2. Suggested discussion points:
    1. What motivation instruments does your company use in a planned manner?
    2. Possible motivation instruments to be discussed include the following:
      1. Employee involvement, via project teams or quality management;
      2. Low status difference between management and employees;
      3. Regularly informing employees how the company is doing;
      4. Offering opportunities for training and development;
      5. Job descriptions that accurately describe tasks and responsibilities.